The main character, his wife and small son lose their way in the steppe and become stuck on a country road. As a result, they have to spend the night in their car.

The following morning, the main character awakens alone, his wife and son having mysteriously disappeared. 

His preliminary searches bring the hero to a small lonely house, in which an old man and a young woman live. It seems that these strange tenants know about him and his family but try to hide their knowledge. For what reason? 

Scriptwriter: Timur Zhaksylykov.
Director: Akan Satayev 
Director of Photography: Khasan Kydyraliev 
Art Director: Dastan Zhangarashev 
Costume Designer: Elena Rubanova 
Original Music: Renat Gaisin 

Cast: Andrey Merzlikin, Tungyshbai Al-Tarazi, Aiganym Sadykova, Alma Rulas, Ilyas Sadyrov, Igor Gorshkov, Azamat Ilyasov, Daulet Abdygaporov,  Aleksei Khramenkov.
Production Studio SATAIFILM, 2009
Genre: Mystery thriller.
Duration: 90 min. 
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